We are designer and manufacturer
of neoteric light cure methods

We are designer and manufacturer of
neoteric light cure methods

IonoQure Selective Photoheating and general Photonic Curing are innovative photonic techniques for precise and effective curing of adhesives and coatings.

Decades of experience in bonding materials, consulting and project management to bring your adhesive ideas from concept to mass production.

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Your Partner

for holistic engineering solutions

Our consulting and project management services cover the entire project lifecycle.

Technology partners are available to assist with prototyping, sampling or industrialization.

  • Seasoned professionals in adhesives

  • Materials selection and design support
  • Joint process development in
  • cooperation with customer and equipment maker

  • Strong equipment expertize

  • Established network of EQ makers
  • Our expertise

    IonoQure is specialized in UV and Photonic technologies for:

    • Curing, drying and heating of adhesives, inks and coatings
      We offer :
    • Engineered LED solutions for photochemistry
    • Smart, precision light cure systems for medical, industrial and military applications
    • Embedded high-speed Photoheating and Photonic Curing systems with accurate process and temperature monitoring
    • Customized systems for heat sensitive substrates and materials

    Current Research, Technology Development and Innovation projects:

    • Photonic Decarboxylation
    • Drying, curing, sintering printed electronic inks and coatings
    • Selective photothermal annealing
    • Inline UV curing monitoring

    Equipment for mass production and prototyping :

    • Optical bonding for displays and other devices
    • 1K/ 2K structural bonding, potting, coating
    • Screen and stencil printing
    • Equipment for Photoheating
    • Power LED systems

    We offer speciality silicone adhesives for:

    • Optical applications (optical bonding, potting, encapsulation)
    • Electronics/ power electronics (low ion content, -60°C/ +210°C)
    • Structural bonding (up to 3,5MPa)
    • Health care/ medical
    • Automotive, industrial, avionics (CIPG, FIPG, oil resistant, fluoro-silicone)
    • Thermal interface-materials (0,8 to 10,5 W/mK)

    A detailed adhesive portfolio is available on request

    Inorganic/ ceramic coatings with outstanding thermal and chemical acid resistance for microcrystalline and borosilicate glasses used in:

    • Home appliances (ceramic-glass)
    • Automotive, military, aerospace and transportation
    • Outdoor, architectural glasses, safety relevant applications
    • Medical glasses
    • High reflective PV coatings

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